How to Choose a Private School

Choosing a good school for children is of prime importance as school is the place where the child learns many things and spent most of his day time. Getting one’s child admitted into a good private school is an important aspect of upbringing the child. Schooling in a good private school can bring out the hidden talent in the child and make him more confident and gives him a better future. There are several quality schools which challenge to provide the best facilities and education.

While selecting a private school some points need to be pondered which include: 
- Approach: The first and foremost thing to be considered is the approach of education adopted in the private school. Whether the school follows the traditional approach of education or adopts the modern approach is to be identified. Ideologically it should be a mixture of both. It should have the traditional approach of education coupled with the use of modern techniques of education. This keeps the children informed about their culture and heritage at the same time keeps them versed with modern day developments.
- Affordability: Secondly, the budget one can afford for educating a child needs to be ascertained. Some schools charge a hefty amount as fees and some others charge reasonable amount. It is a known fact that good things in life comes at a cost. But the cost should justify the result.
- Distance: The next thing which needs to be considered is how far is the school from the place one is living and availability of means of transport to the school. It should be at a easily reachable distance by walk or by any other means.
- Academic record: The past academic record of the school definitely reflects the credibility of the education system of the school. In case it is a new school details pertaining to the faculty needs to be obtained. The better the faculty the best will be the education.
- Campus: The campus and the locality where the school is located have a huge impact on a child’s mind. The campus should be open and well ventilated with all essential amenities. The environment should be friendly.
With the above there are some other things which need to be kept in mind while choosing a private school like the discipline, the attitude of the faculty, teacher-student ratio and the administrative policies of the school etc.
Nov 1, 2012



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